7 players per squad(manager also equals as a player)
Managers can also play in the game.
NO MORE THAN 1 Any position can be played.
If you get sent off you must leave the game expect the any player who can play on.

* Play both games in the same day to make it easy for you.

Match Settings

* General:
* The Home Team will Host the game.
* The Away Team will be the guest.
* This is not negotiable.

Match Settings:

* 6 mins half Length

* No extra time

* No Penalties
* If your team has a stadium in the games please use it if not you are free to use any stadium.

Connections and disconnections during game:

* If you have lag during a league or cup game pause the game explain to your opposition an re-arrange a new time to play.
* If the ANY player gets disconnected you must pause the game an tell the home team to create a new game with the score's carried over at the time of disconnection of the ANY,Also if the game has reached 45min mark you must play only the 2nd half,anything below 45min mark it's full match with score's carried over.
* If a player in a certain role gets disconnected you must continue the game on.
* If 2 players in certain roles gets disconnected you must restart the game at the score at the time of disconnection.

Match fixing

* If you or a member of your team is caught match fixing your team will be deducted 3points.
* if you or a member of you team is caught match fixing you will be issued with a warning.

Transfers in & out

* When you transfer to another club your stats carry over to your new club.
* Your only eligible to play for your new club if your name is on the team sheet on this site.
* The manager or assisstant has to inform the admin or moderators of the players transfer to get them on/off the team sheets as soon as we can.


To submit your results simply create a Topic in the Results section of your Forum league called (Team 1 )V (Team 2 ) Results. You should place the following in the description of the post:

* Score
* players who played in the match
* All players who got Yellow Cards
* All players who got Red Cards
* All players who scored goals
* The player who got man of the match
* Match description (Good game?)


We here work 3 warnings If you get 3 warnings you will be sacked and banned from the site for good.
You will get a warning for:
Not playing your game on time.
Not putting in the match stats.
Misuse of forums.
Starting fights on the forum.
Playing players who are not on the squad list.
Match fixing.

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