Super League 3 Fixtures

Make Sure when you arrange games, you play each other twice, Home and away

Game Week 1 (To be played by: 21/07/08)

Marseille v Celtic
Lazio v Newcastle
Porto v Rangers
Sporting Lisbon v Suttgart
Weder Bremen v Villarreal

Game Week 2 (To be played by: 30/07/08)

Villarreal v Sporting Lisbon
Porto v Newcastle
Stuttgart v Marseille
Rangers v Lazio
Celtic v Weder Bremen

Game Week 3 (To be played by: 10/08/08)

Rangers v Stuttgart
Weder Bremen v Sporting Lisbon
Newcastle v Marseille
Celtic v Lazio
Villarreal v Porto

Game Week 4 (To be played by: 17/08/08)

Rangers v Sporting Lisbon
Lazio v Porto
Weder Bremen v Marseille
Stuttgart v Newcastle
Celtic v Villarreal

Game Week 5 (To be played by:31/08/08 )

Porto v Stuttgart
Sporting Lisbon v Newcastle
Rangers v Celtic
Lazio v Weder Bremen
Marseille v Villarreal

Game Week 6 (To be played by: 14/09/08)

Villarreal v Stuttgart
Weder Bremen v Porto
Lazio v Sporting Lisbon
Celtic v Newcastle
Marseille v Rangers

Game Week 7 (To be played by: 28/09/08)

Lazio v Villarreal
Porto v Celtic
Stuttgart v Weder Bremen
Sporting Lisbon v Marseille
Newcastle v Rangers

Game Week 8 (To be played by: 12/10/08)

Rangers v Villarreal
Sporting Lisbon v Celtic
Stuttgart v Lazio
Weder Bremen v Newcastle
Marseille v Porto

Game Week 9 (To be played by:26/10/08 )

Newcastle v Villarreal
Sporting Lisbon v Porto
Lazio v Marseille
Rangers v Weder Bremen
Celtic v Suttgart

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