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Now that we have values for all players in the game, managers are allowed to transfer list players, instead of releasing a player it might be worth while putting him on the transfer list, you do this by posting a message in the Arrange Trials forum. Once you have posted we will update this page with the player and his value. Please note that the player will be sold for £0.5m less than the players current price if he is on the transfer list. Always specify if the player is listed for loan or transfer.

Player Club Loan or Transfer Value

Recent Transfers

Just a reminder that players can only move twice, thats 2 times in any given season. Once the player has moved twice he will remain at the club until the following season. If the player moves more than twice the team signing him, will be fined £2 - £5 million.

Player From To Fee
zigga 2k7 Newcastle free transfer £0
DONNLLEY 2008 free transfer Barcelona £0
kid slider free transfer Sevilla £0
OoRIDGWAYoO free transfer Sevilla £0
critchy3 Juventus Valencia £2.4m
Paulaldo Juventus Valencia £2.5m
merseypride Juventus Valencia £2.2m
DONNLLEY 2008 Barcelona Juventus £1m
xxPAULxxRFCxx free transfer Marseille £0
oO JOHN CFC Oo free transfer Marseille £0
JS-RFC free transfer Marseille £0
forza as roma Barcelona Porto £1.6m
spanky spence free transfer Villarreal £0
nobbykool free transfer Villarreal £0
zigga 2k7 free transfer Valencia £0
UF Sacred free transfer Arsenal £0
kingy89 is back Barcelona Juventus £1.8m
Keeno1984 AC Milan Bayern Munich £3.9m
Mister Ice 007 AC Milan Bayern Munich £1.6m
HullCity17 II AC Milan Bayern Munich £1.7m
Hagi1981 AC Milan Bayern Munich £1.1m
PSF EL DIABLO Barcelona freetransfer £0
xxbiggenxx Manchester UTD free transfer £0
ziggy 2k7 Valencia Barcelona £1m + £2m fine
kid slider Sevillia Barcelona £1m
oINF4MOUSo Barcelona free transfer £0
andy2210 free transfer Sevilla £0
Oo RYAN RFC oO free transfer Marseille £0
Fuadzilla911 free transfer Lyon £0
MatioSx free transfer Barcelona £0
sweating dean free transfer Barcelona £0
Villaman68 free transfer Barcelona £0
GKLAUKS19 Lyon free transfer £0
J King Lyon free transfer £0
selectedmatty free transfer Lyon £0
xXxHiGHLiGHtxXx free transfer Lyon £0
jfraser free transfer Stuttgart £0
Vinsanity523 Barcelona free transfer £0
argylelad free transfer Barcelona £0
HoustonUS free transfer Newcastle £0
envy mohinder free transfer Newcastle £0
eN skampster free transfer Newcastle £0
nobbykool free transfer Villarreal £0
I DcE I H1TM4Nl free transfer Manchester City £0
I SHANE WBAFC I Porto free transfer £0
w00ton Porto free transfer £0
forza as roma Porto free transfer £0
spikyoyster Porto free transfer £0
hammdogg79 Rangers free transfer £0


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