Transfer Regulations


Here at fifabeapro360 we are now introducing some new features to the site, this will mean managers and assistants will have more important decisions to make and there for will have to be very active on the site.
Firstly we’ll be restricting transfers between teams by introducing transfer windows, there will be 2 transfer windows throughout the season however we are adding loan deals to the site which can be done at any stage in the season. Also all teams will have a Bank Balance from now on and there will be money awarded to clubs for winning trophy’s and cup competitions. The most exciting feature is that all players will now have a market value for teams to buy and sell, value can increase and decrease depending on player stats and team performance. All free agents will be worth £1million.

Transfer Window

  • Transfer Window will close on __
  • While a transfer window is open a player can only move team twice
  • A player can only move club 3 times a season
  • If a player is released while window is closed he can not sign for a another team until window reopens
  • If a player moves division stats will be re-set
  • Any free agent who has not been released by a club (new member) can sign for anyone
  • When buying a player, the value of the player will subtracted from the club bank balance
  • When selling a player, the value of the player will be added to the club bank balance

Loan Deals

  • There is a maximum 4 loan deals per club, per season (2 in and 2 out)
  • Players can only play a maximum of 6 games for the Club who he is on loan to
  • Each Player will be allowed only 2 loan deals per season, whether it in or out
  • Free Agents can’t be loaned
  • Managers and Assistants can not be loaned

Bank Balance
All teams will start with £5,000,000.
Teams can earn money throughout the season through player sales and prize money
Teams can also lose money during the season through player purchases and fines
Managers of teams who are performing badly and who are in the red (minus), may eventually be released by the club


  • Euro Cup Winners - £5,000,000
  • Euro Cup Runner-Up - £2,000,000
  • Super League Winner - £3,000,000
  • Super League Runner-Up - £1,500,000
  • Super League 3rd - £500,000
  • Super Cup Winner - 1,000,000
  • Super Cup Runner-Up £500,000
  • Super Cup Semi-Finals £250,000
  • Super Cup Quarter-Finals - £150,000
  • Super Cup Round 2 - £100,000
  • Super Cup Round 1 - £50,000


  • Relegation -£1,000,000
  • Not posting results - £500,000
  • Missing Game Deadlines - £1,000,000
  • 3 Team Red Cards - £1,000,000


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